Hello lovely readers

After a long journey, I'm back in Switzerland. I'm spending my last week in Asia with an amazing bunch of people from all over the world. I did not know anybody before, so I was a bit nervous before meeting them! If I had known then, how amazing are they all. It was really one of the best time I've ever had in my life. We've seen so many different cultures, cities, people and I'm so happy that I was able to see all of this. Now, back in Switzerland, it feels a bit weird: During the last 4 weeks I did not have a single hour when I was just having breakfast or whatever ... miss this ! Now I'm lying on the couch, having the worst stomach ache ever (what an irony, I rather expected that in Asia!). But I'm happy to be back, though! Tomorrow we'll leave for the Maledives,


Source image:  evening dresses long

The outfit I wear on the pictures was shot just before I headed to Asia. I was wearing all outfit pictures while being in Asia, because I was wearing my trekking holes all the time haha ​​(so comfy !!).

Wish you a great start to the day and thank you for reading.